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Clinical Psychologist

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY.  My goal is to provide the most helpful therapeutic experience that best meets your needs. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and relationship issues in adults, adolescents, and children. 


My training in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, exposure and response prevention, and mindfulness based therapy allows me to tailor treatment to your specific needs and goals.  Using empirically supported techniques, I believe in creating a relationship with you that allows for developing self-awareness, more adaptive coping skills and greater insight. My warm and empathic style reflects how much I love and respect my job. I am neither silent nor overly directive and I consider your own pace and comfort my priority. 


I also specialize in social skills training, mindfulness and acceptance skills, and dialectical behavior therapy techniques. I have advanced training in family systems, comprehensive parent-child work, and cognitive behavioral therapy with children and adolescents.


I have done extensive research on insight capacity and development. More specifically, investigating the relationship between client insight and therapeutic technique. My work includes research projects at Mount Sinai Medical Center and Columbia University and has published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease as well as in the Journal of Counseling Psychology.








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